Sunday, December 23, 2007

Drink Up

It's a delicate thing - this balancing act of not over or under stimulating our poor bodies. Will this amount of drugs make my ovaries explode or will I end up with no eggs? It's a question we leave to our doctors and yet we are the ones who actually have to walk that tight rope. 

My first IVF we were on the lowest dosage and I got 9 eggs, 5 fertilized and three were transferred. My second IVF they increase the dose a bit and I got 10 eggs, but only 3 fertilized, and in the end only one embryo could be transferred. The results were so different that if you read my data on paper I could be two different women. So the real question now is what will they do for IVF#3? They want to get more eggs but what's going to do the trick? That drug cocktail has yet to be announced to me so I will save that news for the new year. In the mean time, my left over vials sit in my bathroom waiting, just like me, in great anticipation of what they will be used for next. I guess I shouldn't be so amazed at how fragile and unpredictable the doses are, I mean, we are venturing upon the greatest experiment there is - life. 


Amy said...

I think that one is one of my favorite cards. The first one with the Santa is my absolute favorite!

Have a good Christmas!

The Dunn Family said...

I know what you mean. My sister is going through IVF, and the first time yielded 44 eggs, and the 2nd time, 38. She developed sever OHSS both times, and because you had SO many eggs, the quality was crap. We went through our first IVF together, and I had 13 eggs, and she had 44! I was so jealous! But then she got so sick and they had to freeze the good embies, and she only had 1. It was heartbreaking. It proves that it really isn't the # you get back that matter, it's the quality.