Monday, December 17, 2007

Great Balls of Fire

Today I was very excited to continue posting my cards but a little bit of a party poop happened. I posted my opinion and my blog link on a thread discussing whether these kid christmas cards were insensitive or not. The first PM arrived in my inbox saying my card made her literally laugh out loud and I was thrilled to hear it. That's the point. The next PM that came was from the administrators of the board saying I was reported as being "promotional"! It's funny how you try to share something you think might help others and some people take it as purely selfish. But in the end I really don't care because I know it was not promotional. It doesn't stop my cause to create a new card everyday to express my own sort of holiday cheer. It's just a shame that the very people I feel could truly enjoy these cards I am not allow to tell them they exist. 

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Amy said...

I LOVE your cards! :) I look forward to seeing them!