Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Art of Being Infertile

This is my commitment to document and channel the huge range of experiences, questions, and emotions that arise when dealing with infertility and IVF treatments. However it comes out, either visually or in writing, my hope with this is to primarily release from myself any and all anguish that comes from this truly absurd journey. Second, I hope that by visually capturing my experiences that I bring another way for my fellow IVFers to not feel alone. Thirdly, if by chance someone who isn't going through infertility or IVF reads this, I would like them to think, besides "Thank God this isn't me," that us barren folk are not to be pitied but to be admired for the courage it takes to enter this world and stay in it till the end. 

I have come to see that even though there is clearly an art to getting pregnant - scientifically, philosophically, and divinely - there is the other side of the coin. After my multiple IVFs and pregnancy losses, after countless wrestling matches with anger and despair, after blowing a kiss good-bye to my notions of fairness and yet still showing up for my doctor appointments, after somehow retaining some sense of dignity after countless indignities, I have never more strongly believed that there is truly an art to being infertile. 

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