Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Nine

Another lazy day of waiting. It's amazing what you can do with so much downtime. With this much time on my hands, I was able to unsubscribe from all my email junk mails. I even went on Facebook. Uh oh, things are getting dangerously boring. I must go out tomorrow.


10. Arm Yourself with Information, but Accept the Unanswerable.
9. Find Other Infertiles.
Misery loves company- right? Well, it's so much more than that when you really look at the other women you have met along this journey. Until I started going on bulletin boards and blogging, I was the only one in my world who was infertile. Friends and family were popping out babies left and right and I wanted to die. When I found other women struggling, going through IVF cycles, considering all sort of crazy stuff like donor egg and surrogacy, I found a world that I belonged in. Suddenly complete strangers were hearing my most intimate thoughts. Women in New York were bold enough to ask me out for coffee. We were instantly connected. The bond runs deep.

Though the infertile club membership is not a choice, it's forced upon us, embrace it. Other infertile people know what the hell to say to you. They know how to comfort. They know the mountain of stress you are undergoing. The friends I have made through this journey are like no other. The mothers who have gone through infertility are the first people on my list I want to spend mommy time with. In a different kind of world the infertile club wouldn't be seen as the crappy coach seats while our peers lived it up in first class. It wouldn't make people feel like they have to be covert, ashamed, and ostracized. In my world, being a card carrying member of the infertiles would give you pride because the way I see it, if you are infertile than you are a survivor. Things didn't come easy to you and you fought your way through it. It represents a kind of sisterhood there should be among all women, instead of women judging women.


Caz said...

Good luck! Reading your blog has helped me start coming to terms with my own infertility issues. It's been good to read your words and thoughts as they are so familiar. Noone else I know can even start to understand but it helps to know other people out there are going through the same. Am thinking of you, even though I've never met you! Wishing you all the very best.
Caz (from the UK)xxx

Expectant Duck said...

you made me tear up, I read survivor and serously, good thing my cubicle is isolated. you are right, and i am counting the days down with you!

Anonymous said...
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FET Accompli said...

Agreed, it totally is a sisterhood.

And - congrats on unsubscribing from junk mails. That's like cleaning out a bedside table/junky drawer :-)