Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Double Fun Tag!

What a delight to be tagged in two different ways! This is a nice little break from my usual process of creating a visual. Since I have received a letter saying "E" for Excellent, I will follow in the same vein and focus on text only today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ahuva Batya over at The Anguished Corn for passing on to me the delicious- E award! I am honored by your kind words and so happy this is coming from a fellow blogger whose blog is most excellent - good writing and a daily shoe zen- a perfect combo!

Now to pass on this wonderful letter is a tough one. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there who are all really getting some good heartfelt writing done. But what stood out to me recently was Luna's pure and genuine use of words to explore grief in her poem
"b e a u t i f u l v i s i o n." I think this is what it is all about, all this blogging. It's writing from the heart. So I would like to pass on the prestigious E award to Luna for her great blog life from here: musing from the edge.



I'M IT!!!! I was always a slowpoke at this game on the playground so I'm sorry for my delay! Thanks to Melanie over at How to get from 0 to pregnant in 365 easy steps for tagging me. I love your blog! It's full of honesty and humor - two things I very much need these days! Also a big shout out to your beautiful feet. I was voted in high school for "best hands" for their delicate beauty. Together we would be a most distinguished set of appendages.

The rules:

1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules.
3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
4) Tag at least three people.
5) Make sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting what you did.

Okay here goes....
1) I love personification. As you might have guessed already from my videos, I love giving inanimate objects human traits and emotions. I am not sure why but it just puts a smile on my face. It somehow opens up a whole new world of story telling. I just bought a teal blue cozy that fits on a wine bottle like a snug sweater. Love it. 

2) There are two physical skills that somehow I missed in the basic training of life. One is pill swallowing and the other is eye drops. I never learned how to swallow pills with water. I have to eat a banana or some kind of food, then throw the pill into the mix, and finally swallow. It's like I try to trick my brain into thinking the pill is not there. So I cannot fathom how people take a fist full of vitamins and throw 'em back with some water, or even no water! And then eyeballs just gross me out. Anything having to do with them just gives me the oogies. So putting in eyes drops is a near impossible feat. I either have to continuously blink and pour a load of the drops on my eyelid and hope some gets in, or I guess get strapped down and tortured until I open my eyes. 

3) I don't consider myself an asocial game player with a barmaid, dragon, or alien costume in the closet. But I have been to a game tournament. The big kind, yes, at a convention hall with all sorts of characters in attendance. I, my husband, and some friends became obsessed with a board game a couple years ago and decided to join a competition. I can't say that I was the winner, but my friend made it to the finals. No costumes involved. 

4) I can't stand the feeling of wet hair on my neck. After a shower I must immediately put on a towel turban to relieve myself of that feeling. 

5) Two things I hate doing alone - driving and going to the movie theater. As a young woman in my 20s I traveled the world alone. I've been to far off countries across the globe all on solo missions. But now in my, eh hum, more mature age, I seem to have become a more nervous nilly. I hate driving to unknown places by myself. Some of this I blame on not using a car much after years living in New York City and also on failing eye sight. Now for movie theaters, I prefer this to be a shared experience. Part of the joy of a theater for me is sharing some popcorn, grabbing someone's arm at a scary part, and yapping about how good or bad it was right afterwards. So I have never gone to a movie theatre alone.

6) I used to have a big, I mean, BIG, ugly, brown birthmark above my right knee. It was diamond shaped and grew hair. As a child my parents used to coo at me, "Oh, it's so cute. We will never lose you because we always have an identifying mark to help people recognize you." Then as a teenager, it wasn't so cute, in fact, it royally sucked. I wore long skirts a lot because I hated the stares and the "what's that?!" At 18, I bit the bullet and got it taken off. Now I have a sizable scar above my knee. Ironically it didn't completely stop the "what's that?" but now I can make up wild scar stories like "It's from Iraq" or "I got stabbed by a very short person."

So now I will be tagging:

Schatzi at From the Peanut Gallery
My online buddy group member, Amy at Happily Ever After
and katarinajellybeana at Just One Bean


luna said...

many thanks Tabi for the E!! I am so honored coming from your most excellent blog! now I suppose I have a standard to try and live up to -- I'll do my best...

I couldn't ever do eye drops either. I tried to wear contact lenses but just couldn't get past the finger in the eye bit. no way.

many thanks again! ~luna

TABI said...

Your Welcome Luna! Enjoy!