Thursday, November 4, 2010


Now, it's not easy to write a children's book about third party reproduction. I understand the need to be cutesy or accessible, but when looking around for books and coming upon this one, I just got turned off. It's trying to explain the different recipes for making a baby. But I mean, the sperm looks a little creepy to me. The donated egg looks like a cabbage patch doll. The donor sperm in the book is even worse in that they just added a mustache to this guy. The adoption sperm and egg are badly drawn "Asian" faces which is just plain lame.

Not to rip on this author and illustrator. I am a visual snob, I admit. I know their intention is wonderful and I just wish I liked the book better. My daughter loves when I read books to her so I thought I might as well start up on some of these donor egg and surrogacy picture books, but I don't see a lot of choice. It's hard enough to figure out how to tell this story to your kid and I just wish there were better tools out there. I have an unusual case of having to explain both surrogacy and donor egg to her so I know there is no magic pill. If anyone has any suggestions of good storybooks, let me know. Maybe I will just have to write my own.


Niki said...

I think you should write your own. You have an eye for visual images and with your unique personal experience I think you could create something beautiful! This book would help your child understand where she came from and could help others. I look forward to seeing it in print in the future! :)

BTW ... please do share any surrogacy books you find. I need to get ahold of a couple to read to my boys too!

Anonymous said...

On the subject of books about donor eggs, I just recently blogged about a book called "one More Giraffe" by Kim Noble I think is quite good and uses animals rather than people for the illustrations. You can find my post at:

There is also a list of good egg donation books on PVED (parents via egg donation) at:

FET Accompli said...

Okay, that is one creepy sperm... I agree with an earlier poster - you could write your own book!

Kim said...

Ok I am totally with you....that sperm is super creepy. How do they expect kids to be receptive to something as hideous as that?! Wow.

bleu said...

Here is one that has a lot of options.

kdactyl said...

I have been having this same issue...but for embryo adoption...our daughter is the result of embryo adoption...but the couple who donated their embryos also used an egg about complicated. I did find some books on the subject at this site

But I haven't ordered one yet. Our son is from traditional IVF with our own genes... so I thought I would get one for each of them...but then I started building their baby books through shutterfly/snapfish and found that I probably could tell the story just as well but it would be way more personal...AND...I have photos of the Dr.s and nurses who helped us and photos of our embryos on transfer I say give it a go yourself and maybe get one other "generic" book to go along with it. But my experience with children is that they want to know "their" story....not just some random scenario...they relate better if it is all about them...ha ha. Good luck.