Friday, January 23, 2009

A conversation with my 5 year old niece

Toddler: Do men or women have children?

Me: Women.

Toddler: Do you have to have children?

Me: No. You can choose not to.

Toddler: So if you choose to, you have to?

Me: No, if you choose to it still may not happen.

Toddler: [pause] Do you have children?

Me: No.

Toddler: So, you don’t want them?

Me: Yes, I want them. But sometimes even if you want them they don’t come at that time.

Toddler: But if you don’t want them, they don’t come.

Me: Yes.

Toddler: But sometimes when you want them, they come.

Me: [big sigh] Presumably.


Intending To Be Parents said...

When you're young everything is so black and white isn't it?

Hang in there!

luna said...

I made the mistake of taking this conversation further with a very intelligent and curious 8 year old, on the assumption that they only ask questions for which they are prepared to hear the answer. bad idea. insert foot in mouth. lesson learned. luckily his dad was there to help me out...

Duck said...

Tabi - hang in there, at least she's 5 and not 25, eh?

alicia said...

wow, I love hearing how kids think of the world.

Amy said...


Elizabeth said...

Wow. Interesting conversation. Like Duck said, at least she has the excuse of youth!